Available Positions


Operations Activities
Employee Type:
Part Time Seasonal
Organization and implementation of various social, cultural, education, and/or recreational programs and services such as the Climbing Wall, Bumper Boats, and Go-Karts.
Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
Provides instruction to activity participants for indicated activity or subject. Teaches the associated knowledge and skills and assists participants in achieving activity for lesson goals. 

Ensure the safey of all participants in the area.
Prior teaching experience preferred. Experience in activity preferred, Must enjoy working with children/teens. Listed position may require professional certification, license or experience.


Please contact Operations Manager, Dave Moss


Post Office
Employee Type:
Part Time Year Round
Responsible for preparing mail and parcels for distrtibution. Keep records of shipments and other duties related to mail handling within the postal service. Maintain cleanliness and appearance of Post Office premises. Provide exceptional customer service. Physical requirements include the ability to stand for several hours at a time and to be able to lift 10-60+ pounds on a repeated basis.
Ability to lift a 10 to 60 + pounds repeatedly. Must be able to thoroughly understand all aspects of Postal Service Position and make decisions accordingly without supervision. 
Please contact Administrative Specialist, Emelene Peralta, at eperalta@copper-ra.com

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the copper mountain Corporate Culture

  • Pride - Take pride in what you do, since what you do represents who you are as an individual and all of us as an organization
  • Do What’s Right, with Integrity – For each situation, ask yourself, “What is the right thing to do” and do that
  • Supportive – Be a knowledge base for your stakeholders; helping all to be successful
  • Responsive – Return calls and emails promptly, and immediately take care of issues brought to your attention
  • Focus on Solutions - Be forward thinking, and examine what needs to be done to improve the process and solve issues
  • Take Action – Avoid paralysis through analysis, there may be ten great solutions to any issue, choose one and move forward
  • Problem Solve - Evaluate, act and follow through to the finish
  • Everyone has inherent worth and dignity – Be honest, straightforward & respectful, regardless of one's position
  • Highest Product and Service Quality – Strive for the highest level of quality possible
  • Create and Innovate – Think well outside the box, and it is encouraged to look elsewhere for a solution, and often the best solution is the simplest one
  • Adaptability – Be responsive to the current situation and don’t hesitate to change your plan if it is not working
  • Trust – Have confidence in your co-workers and yourself
  • Big Picture – When making a decision, fit it into long-term company objectives
  • Responsibility Paired with Authority – This is a given for success to be possible
  • Empower Successful People - Enabling co-workers to fulfill their responsibilities without micro-managing them  
  • Over-Communicate – The art of great communication is to ensure all have heard and understand your message
  • Customer Service – The “extra step” is not extra - be kind and understanding by putting yourself in others' shoes
  • Team Work - Great results in business are seldom the product of one individual’s efforts - they are done by a team, who together turn the ordinary into the extraordinary
  • Fun – Enjoy what you do, and if not, change it!