Denver International Airport
Follow Pena Boulevard to I-70 West. Use the right lane to exit 195 for Copper Mountain.

From Denver
Take I-70 West to exit 195. Easy, right?

Eagle/Vail Airport
Get on I-70 E in Eagle from Cooley Mesa Rd, US-6 E and Grand Ave. Follow I-70 E to CO-91 S in Summit County. Take exit 195 from I-70 E.

Take CO 93 south to US 6. Take I-70 West to exit 195. Copper Mountain will be on your right.

Colorado Springs
Follow I-25 north. Take exit 194 to merge onto CO 470 West toward Grand Junction. Use the middle lane to exit toward I-70 West/Grand Junction. Use the middle lane to exit toward I-70 West/Grand Junction. Take exit 194 from the right lane to Copper Mountain.

Ft. Collins
Take I-25 South toward Denver. Merge onto I-76 West toward Grand Junction. Merge onto I-70 West toward Grand Junction. Follow I-70 West to exit 195 to Copper Mountain.


Summer Parking -All lots are FREE

  • Flyer Lots is closed to cars on Satudays
  •  Overnight parking is by permit only - please contact the Front Desk
  •  No long term parking, camping or RV camping/storage is permitted

Park Copper Winter FAQ

 1. What is this new parking system?

Copper has partnered with a third-party company called Interstate Parking to provide this new, more efficient system to make parking easier and faster than ever before. Instead of paying an attendant at the booth, you will park, then pay via kiosk in the lot or on the Passport App on your smartphone.

2. Why this parking system?

The resort recognized the need to improve its parking procedures. Interstate Parking has been very successful with implementing this system in towns and cities across the country as well as other ski areas so we are confident that this new process will get you from your car to the slopes faster. No more waiting in line! You will park, pay at a kiosk or on your smartphone then be on your way. 

3. What parking lots will be equipped with the system?

All of Copper’s interior lots. These include Beeler, Ten Mile Circle, Chapel, Flyer and Powder in Center Village, Triple Treat and Wheeler in East Village and Union Creek in West Village. Elevation Lot is reserved for EDGE residents only.

4. How do I use it?

Once you park, you will visit one of the solar-powered, wireless stations located in each lot. Enter your license plate number and your credit card information then follow the prompts on the screen.

Alternatively, you can pay with the Passport app. Search “Passport Parking” in the App Store or Google Play to download. Create an account, enter the zone number that can be found on the signage in the lot then follow the prompts.

5. How much will it cost?

Rates vary based on the proximity to the lifts and peak versus regular times throughout the season. Prices range from $15 to $40.

6. If I get a ticket, how much does it cost?

Citations are $50 a day. You may pay online at If your citation is not paid within 10 days, fines will double.

7. How long can I park for?

Your payment is valid all day until 12am. Should your car still be parked after 12am from the previous day, you will receive a citation.

8. Are there any discounts if I show up later in the day?

After 3pm, all lots are free. Should your car still be parked after 12am the following day, you will receive a citation.


  •   In the Powder lot, there are 25 spots available for free for Lodging Check In/Woodward/Athletic Club guests ONLY.
  • The Powder lot is free after 1pm every day.

*Note: if your vehicle is not moved after 12am the following day, you will be ticketed.

9. Do I have to pay to park in the Alpine and Far East lots?

These lots remain free.

10. If I have a handicap placard, do I have to pay?

Handicap parking is free in any lot at Copper.

11. I’m lodging at Copper. Do I get free parking?

If your unit comes with (1) designated parking spot in either a garage or parking lot, you will not be charged. 

If you choose to park an extra car in an interior lot, you will pay the regular daily rate. There are multi-day discounts available. This discount is determined upon payment at a kiosk.

Any additional vehicles can park for free in the Alpine lot.

12. I’m a homeowner at Copper. What do I have to pay?

As a homeowner, you will not be charged for the spot(s) that are assigned and designated to your unit.

For additional vehicles, you will pay the regular rate. There are multi-day discounts available. This discount is determined upon payment at a kiosk.

Any extra vehicles can park for free in the Alpine lot.

13. I’m an uphill access user. Do I have to pay?

Upon sign up with Patrol, please provide a license plate number. This will allow you access to any lot for free before 9am.

If you choose to access the mountain after the mountain closes at 4:30pm, you can park for free in any lot until 12am.

14. I’ve purchased a parking pass for the season. How does that work?

Passholders must submit up to (2) license plate numbers that can be added to (1) pass. The pass will be valid for just (1) license plate per day in the designated lot. Enter your plate numbers when purchasing online.

15. Do I still get free parking with SRSU?

Submit your license plate number to Copper’s Ski and Ride School to be granted (3) 1-day use passes. These passes will be valid in the Union Creek and Chapel lots. Please email to arrange.

16. I shouldn’t have gotten this ticket! What do I do?

You can fill out an appeal form to dispute your ticket online at Please note that Copper Guest Services, the Call Center or any other department at Copper Mountain Resort is unable to file an appeal form and/or dispute a ticket for you. You must complete the process through Park Copper.

For any other general questions or concerns, please email


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