Resort Association


The Copper Mountain Resort Association, (Resort Association) was created to represent all property owners (residential and commercial) to engage in any act or activity including, but without limitation: to serve as a representative body of persons having interest in the development of Copper Mountain as a recreational vacation area and undertake programs to promote the Resort for the benefit and common interests. The Resort Association has the authority to asses and collect from its members annually. Today the main functions of the Resort Association are to:

  • Do what ever it can to help drive commerce to its businesses
  • Support the efforts of its stakeholders to increase value of their investments
  • Serve the community by providing services and amenities that support the overriding goals of its stakeholders.

In 2007 the Resort Association and the Village at Copper came to agreement whereby the Village at Copper will manage the business and affairs of the Resort Association.

Mission Statement

The Copper Mountain Resort Chamber exists to promote the economic prosperity of our mountain community for our homeowners, commercial partners and employees. Our goal is to drive a progressive vision that develops, promotes and improves commercial and community interests by:

1.      Acting as a focal point for community communication

2.      Develop and support assets that contribute towards sustainable commerce and owner value

3.      Promote Commerce / economic Prosperity

3.      Help to foster a sense of community

4.      Represent all owners internally and externally supporting the good of the community at large

Copper Mountain Rental Properties
All homeowners that rent their units short term are required for paying a 4% lodging assessment.  If you utilize a rental company, please ensure they are paying surcharges on your behalf.  If you have questions regarding this assessment, please contact Carolyn Russo at or (970) 968-2882 X 39815.

The 4% surcharge payments should be made monthly. Click here to make a payment.

Monthly payments are due by the 20th of the month following. For example, January's report and payment would be due by February 20th.

The report and payment should be mailed to:
Copper Mountain Resort Association
Attn: Carolyn Russo
PO Box 3053
Copper Mountain, CO 80443

For a fee, the below company can assist you in filing your monthly reports, see below link for more information:



Leash Law for Copper Mountain Resort:

Persuant to Resolution No. 2013-57 from the Board of County Commissioners of the County of Summit, State of Colorado

Section 6. FAILURE TO CONTROL A PET ANIMAL. It shall be unlawful and considered a failure to Control a Pet Animal, when: 6.1. A Pet Animal is off the Owner’s Premises without the presence of a person having Immediate Control as defined in these Regulations; 6.2. A Pet Animal becomes a hazard or causes damage to any person or property; 6.3. A Pet Animal is Tethered upon any public or private property without the permission of the person owning, leasing, or otherwise controlling the property in question; 6.4. Any Pet Animal reaches past the perimeter of the Owner’s Premises with its teeth or claws causing or threatening Bodily Injury or property damage to another; 6.5. A Pet Animal is allowed to defecate on public or private property and the Owner or responsible person does not remove the waste in a timely manner; 6.6. A female Pet Animal, during estrus, is not under Physical Control, confined indoors or confined within a Secure Animal Enclosure; 6.7. A Pet Animal is not under Physical Control in areas requiring the animal to be on a leash, as posted by any agency of the Federal Government, the State of Colorado, Summit County, or any other political subdivision of the State, as listed with particularity in Schedule “A,” which is attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference as it may be revised from time to time as necessary. For the purposes of this Resolution, a Pet Animal is permitted to be on leash and accompanying an owner on the paved portion of the recreational pathway in the unincorporated areas as listed in "Schedule A". In such cases, a pet Animal must be on a Tether or a leash no longer than six (6) feet in length and held by a responsible person or confined within a locked enclosure sufficient to prevent the animal from escaping or making contact with other persons or animals; 6.8. Any Pet Animal is kept or left in circumstances which constitute Mistreatment, Abandonment or in any circumstance requiring Protective Custody; or 6.9. Any Pet Animal is otherwise determined to be a Public Nuisance.


SCHEDULE “A” AREAS WHERE PET ANIMALS MUST BE UNDER “PHYSICAL CONTROL” PURSUANT TO SECTION 6.7 OF THE SUMMIT COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL AND LICENSING REGULATIONS OF 2013 1. Arapahoe Basin Ski Area 2. Willow Creek Open Space 3. On and within 10 feet of the outside edges of those paved portions of the “Summit County Recreational Pathway” system located within the unincorporated portions of Summit County, Colorado. 4. Copper Mountain PUD (excluding private property).

Copper Mountain Animal Control Map - Areas under physical control (Leash Law)

To see the Summit County Animal Control Resolution in full, Click here