Community Notices

Domus Pacis Family Respite encourages cancer patients, their families and friends to escape to the beauty of the mountains and experience the peace that comes from creating joyful memories for the people they most cherish.

The Domus Pacis Family Respite program relies on the use of donated resort homes, as well as the giving nature of volunteers. The Board of Directors designated Summit County in Colorado as the initial respite community; the hosting of families began in June, 2008.

Domus Pacis Family Respite, Inc.

Phone: 970.547.4745



Summit Stage Changes-There are going to be a few changes to the Summit Stage route this year.  First there will be a flag stop at the pull off in front Woodward this year that will also serve the front desk. The bus will only make this stop heading west so riders looking to get to Frisco will have to get on the westbound bus and ride up to Passage Point. For safety reasons there will no longer be a bus stop at the Wheeler Rd. stop sign.  Instead the Stage will be adjusting their route for the first three hours of each day this winter to accommodate employees in the East Village.  When entering the resort after making a stop at the entrance the bus will proceed to the Woodward stop if necessary and then drive to Passage Point.  The bus will NOT be waiting at Passage Point but instead heading directly to East Village so that our employees will be able to arrive on time.

Telephone: 970-668-0999
Fax: 970-668-4165
Email Summit Stage

RECYCLING -The Village at Copper Operation Department is the largest exterior property management company at Copper. Additionally, the staff manages all recycling programs and efforts at the resort.

Details about recycling:

-The VAC recycles cardboard, paper, plastic, aluminum, tin, steel, and glass at various locations (see complete list of HOAs who use our services below)

-Plastic, aluminum, tin and glass can be commingled

- Cardboard and paper should be kept separate, it can be placed beside the container

HOA's in Village at Copper's Recycling Program 

Tucker Mtn. Lodge - Recycling container will be outside the elevator lobby, along side the dumpster room near the grey trash cans
Taylor's Crossing - Recycling container will be near the Taylor's dumpster room
Copper One - Recycling container will be outside the elevator lobby around the corner from the grey trash cans
Mill Club - Recycling container will be near the Mill Club dumpster room
Passage Point - Recycling container will be to the right as you exit the elevator lobby
Cirque Recycling - container will be in the trash room
Union Creek Town Homes - Recycling container will be in the middle of the garage on the garage doors side.