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Lewis Ranch Gate Codes and Openers

The Lewis Ranch gate at the base of Lewis Ranch road is maintained and supervised by The Village at Copper. Upon purchase of a property at Lewis Ranch, Homeowners are eligible to receive 2 free gate transmitters. Transmitters are numbered and are recorded for security purposes.  Any additional transmitters may be purchased for $60. 

In addition, Lewis Ranch Homeowners receive personal Lewis Ranch gate codes. The number of gate codes one Homeowner may receive is unlimited, but Homeowners are responsible for communicating their codes to friends, family and construction workers as they see fit.  The Village at Copper will not communicate these codes to anyone other than the Homeowner. Gate codes are 4 numbers and can be personalized if requested.  If a Homeowner feels their code has been compromised, the code may be removed and a new one issued.

Please call The Village at Copper- 970-968-6477 to request your 2 free transmitters, purchase additional transmitters or with questions regarding receiving gate codes/cancelling.

Trash Containers and Recycling

The Village at Copper manages trash removal and recycling at Lewis Ranch.  Once a Certificate of Occupancy is received on a property, each home is issued a 95 gallon trash can and a 95 gallon recycling container.  The Village at Copper recycles and we encourage all Lewis Ranch homeowners and guests to participate in our recycling program.  Recyclable commodities are aluminum, tin and steel, glass, plastics, cardboard, and paper. Recyclable items may be co-mingled. Trash and recycling is scheduled to be picked up on Mondays and Thursdays.  Both containers should be stored in garages unless they have been left out for pick up.

To request your trash and recycling bins, please contact the Village at Copper Operations Team at (970) 418-0027.

Fire Mitigation

During the summer of 2008, The Village at Copper, in association with Alpine Tree Specialists and the Copper Mountain Fire Department (CMFD), completed work on the Lewis Ranch Fire Mitigation Project - Phase I in the forests surrounding the Lewis Ranch subdivision. Due to multiple factors, including the advent of the pine beetle epidemic in Summit County, the Lewis Ranch area is considered a ‘high-risk' area for wildfire. The Village at Copper received a grant from the Summit County Wildfire Council to complete tree removal and limbing in high priority areas (mainly in areas closest to personal property) in order to drastically reduce the danger from wildfire to human lives and personal property at Lewis Ranch and create more efficient and safer access in key spots for firefighters to more effectively combat a wildfire if needed. A BIG THANK YOU to CMFD who volunteered 40 hours of their time to help cut down trees. In addition to helping this project move along more quickly and creating community involvement, these firefighters used this time at Lewis Ranch to maintain their sawyer certifications which are helpful in the event of wildfire.

Information about Phase II of the project will be available soon!

Pine Beetle Mitigation

2009 was the third year that Pine Beetle Mitigation was completed at Lewis Ranch and in other areas of The Village at Copper. All dead and diseased trees left behind from pine beetle infestation pose a potential threat to public health, property, safety and welfare in the form of rapidly spreading wildfires and a significant threat to Copper Mountain's aesthetic values, which are of great importance to our social and economic vitality.

Lewis Ranch Pine Beetle Mitigation Policy

In 2007, Lewis Ranch Homeowners voted to institute a Pine Beetle Policy. The adopted policy is similar to what has been adopted by Breckenridge, Frisco and Silverthorne. The Lewis Ranch Pine Beetle Mitigation Policy is as follows:

Policy Summary:

Inspection of all trees on Lewis Ranch lots and common areas

Removal of infected trees before the beetles move on to healthy trees

Spraying of healthy trees in order to save them from future infection

For this plan to be effective, infected trees must be removed and healthy trees sprayed before June 30th of each year. This plan is outlined in more detail below:

Inspections will be conducted annually by a licensed arborist hired by The Village at Copper.  Infected trees will be marked and counted.

A report will be sent to each Property Owner by June 10th via certified mail or verified email indicating:

Number of infected trees and cost for removal

Number of tress at risk (4" in diameter or more) and cost of spraying

Property Owners will be responsible for paying all costs associated with the cutting, removal and spraying of tress on their own properties. The Village at Copper will be responsible for all costs associated with the cutting, removal and spraying of trees in all common areas.

Property Owners will have the choice to either execute proper remediation themselves or allow The Village at Copper to execute remediation. Property Owners will have until June 20th to let The Village at Copper know of their decision. If we do not hear anything by this date, The Village at Copper will execute remediation and Property Owners will be billed for actual work completed. Please note that no additional Village at Copper service charges will be applied, and only the costs from the contractors will be billed.  These invoices will arrive with and in the same manner as quarterly dues invoices.

If the Property Owner does decide to execute the remediation themselves, they must present a plan to The Village at Copper by June 20th that includes both names of contractors and methods of remediation.

The one variation to this plan is in the instance when tree cutting is imminent in the preparation of a site for construction. (Building Envelopes) In this case, The Village at Copper will work with the Homeowner to devise a plan that makes sense given their specific situation.

The one change to the policy that occurred in 2008 was the agreement of community members to help protect a buffer zone of trees along the west side of Lewis Ranch. As a result, 3,180 lodge pole trees on the western side of Lewis Ranch that added visual and noise protection from I-70 for the community were protected due to a $60 donation from each property owner. This plan will remain in effect until the threat from pine beetle is no longer or with notice from The Village at Copper Association.

Pine Beetle Information and Mitigation FAQ's

1. Why does the policy require trees to be cut/sprayed by June 30th?

The mountain pine beetle that is infecting Summit County's lodge pole pines has a life cycle of one year. By mid July, the eggs laid the previous summer in newly infested trees have matured and are ready to fly, infect healthy trees and reproduce again. For every healthy tree that is attacked this summer, 5 to 7 more trees will be attacked next summer. Cutting trees and removing trees by June 30th will prevent beetles from reproducing in mid-July, and spraying by this date will protect healthy trees from infestation.

2. Do I need to cut and remove all dead trees on my lot?

YES. Even if you have planned to cut these trees down for construction in the near future, these trees MUST be removed. Fire reduction efforts in the last century have left Summit County forests overcrowded. Leaving dead/infested trees is like putting gas on a wildfire. The presence of these trees will greatly increase wildfire risk to forests, properties, wildlife, watersheds and aesthetics.

3. Can cut wood be used for firewood to save money on chipping and removal costs?

NO. If the trees are cut in the spring/summer, the beetles living in felled trees will remain inside until July or August and will fly as normal, infecting other trees. There are various methods to employ in ridding your lots of infested wood, but the most effective and recommended method is chipping and removal by a professional company.

Do I need to spray all trees?

NO, but spray your favorite trees yearly to protect them from infection. Any other trees will most likely become infected and will require removal in years to come. This strategy, however, will help to prevent the overcrowding of Copper's forests and will save you money in the long run, especially if you plan to build soon.

The Colorado State Forest Service is a wonderful source of information for homeowners looking to educate themselves on the pine beetle epidemic in Colorado. You can visit http://www.csfs.colostate.edu/ for more information. Included on this web page are some published works that might be of interest to you.

Bark Beetles Brochure

Mountain Pine Beetle -Preventative Spraying

Mountain Pine Beetle Management Poster

Mountain Pine Beetle Poster

Mountain Pine Beetle

Snow Plowing Services

The Village at Copper Operations Department would like to offer the service of snow plowing residential driveways for Lewis Ranch homeowners during the 2009/2010 ski season.  In addition to providing an automatic, onsite plowing service, this service will help reduce the amount of traffic on Lewis Ranch Road.   The service costs a seasonal fee of $2500 for 6 months, beginning November 1st and ending April 30th. This cost will cover all snow events for the entire time period and includes snow plowing and blowing for residential driveways and hand shoveling only  the front porch to provide adequate access for anyone staying in the home.  Billing will occur monthly, and these charges will appear on your quarterly invoices.   If you would like to sign up for this service or have any questions regarding this service, please contact David Moss at either dmoss@copper-ra.com or 970-471-5910. 

Parking Policy at Lewis Ranch

Adhering to the road rules anywhere are key to maintaining order and safety on any road. This is the same for the Lewis Ranch road. The Village at Copper has put in effect a parking policy for Lewis Ranch road. Year round, these rules allow Emergency Service vehicles to respond in a timely manner to emergency situations benefiting everyone at Lewis Ranch - Homeowners, workers and visitors. During the winter, these rules allow plowing crews to properly remove snow from the roads making homes accessible and the Lewis Ranch road safe for everyone. The rules are as follows:

DO NOT park uphill on the right side of the road, downhill on the left side of the road.

DO NOT park in the cul de sac.

Homeowner passes and Temporary Access passes - park ONLY in your designated driveway.

Construction passes - DO NOT park in residential driveways or on temporary access roads. Park ONLY on the side of the road.

NO overnight parking is allowed on the side of the road.

The speed limit is 10 MPH.

Please follow these rules each time you are at your house in Lewis Ranch and strongly encourage your workers and visitors to do the same for the benefit of the entire community.

All vehicles are also required to use hang-tags handed out by The Village at Copper in order for the Village at Copper Operations Team and Copper Mountain Security to identify illegal vehicles. There are 3 different types of hang tags: Temporary Access, Construction Access and Homeowner Passes.

Please contact David Moss at 970-471-5910 or dmoss@copper-ra.com  to have hang tags mailed to you or if you have any questions regarding these permits. You may also pick up hang-tags at The Village at Copper front desk weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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